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It stands out for its excellent taste and intense yellow flesh.


Variety characteristic:

Astana is a plant of medium height, displaying compact canopy. This variety tolerates periodic water shortages. In years with optimal rainfall, it forms a very high marketable yield. In dry years, it sets a yield above the reference variety. Due to the medium susceptibility to common scab, it is recommended to choose soils with a low risk of actinomycetes of the genus Streptomyces. Tasty Astana is our culinary star. Their advantage is high yield potential and uniformly intense yellow flesh. In 2021, it was appreciated by consumers with first place in the culinary competition for the tastiest potato variety at the XXVIII National Potato Days. Astana is a variety that does not cause difficulties during long-term storage and retains its taste until late spring.

Plant and tuber:

Flesh colour: yellow
Skin colour: yellow
Tuber shape: round oval
Eye depth: 6,9 – shallow/middle
Foliage development: uniform emergence
Storage ability: 7,5 – very good
Yield: 61 t/ha (according to COBORU) – very high
Dormancy period: long, remains dormant until the end of winter
Length of the vegetation period: 99 days


Consumption quality:

Cooking type: B – slightly mealy (starch content 14,5%)
Taste: 7,4 – very good
Especially recommended for: steamed and boiled potatoes, potato purée, potato pancakes, potato dumplings



PCN: Ro1 – resistant
Synchytrium endobioticum: D1 – resistant
Common scab: 5,0 – medium
Mechanical damage: 7,0 – high
Foliage blight: 4,0 – medium
Tuber blight: 4,0 – medium
Potato virus Y (PVY): 8,0 – very high
Metribuzin sensitivity: low sensitive


Site requirements:

Astana has middle demands to soil quality, water supply and fertilization. It can also be planted on fertile and well-drained soils.

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