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Excellent results 40 days after emergence, exceptionally big sized, uniform, well-shaped, tasty tubers.


Variety characteristic:

Werbena is a very early ware variety destinated for a very early harvest. It is well suited for the production of earlies. Werbena is a low to medium height plant with semi-upright to spreading habit and is thus well suited for a cultivation under a plast/fibretex. It forms extremely strong and thick sprouts. Rather few inflorescences characterize this variety. Werbena reveals a very early development after planting, rapid foliage development and early tuber initiation. It displays a high yield potential of about 20 t/ha after only 40 days after emergence (113 % compared with reference variety). A full physiological maturity Werbena reaches after about 76 days after emergence. It forms rather few big sized tubers high in the ridge. Werbena is a variety giving homogenous attractive tubers that have a superb culinary quality. This variety benefits from long term storage and retains its culinary qualities through time.

Plant and tuber:

Flesh colour: light yellow
Skin colour: yellow
Tuber shape: round oval
Eye depth: 7,2 – shallow
Foliage development: very rapid, uniform emergence
Storage ability: 8,0 – good
Yield: 41 t/ha – medium/high
Dormancy period: short


Consumption quality:
Cooking type: B – slightly mealy (starch content 11,5%)
Taste: 6,9 – good
Especially recommended for: steamed and boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato pancakes



PCN: Ro1 – resistant
Synchytrium endobioticum: patotype D1 – resistant
Common scab: 5,5 – medium/high
Mechanical damage: medium/high
Potato blight: 3,0 – medium
Potato virus Y (PVY): 8,0 – very high


Site requirements:

Werbena has middle demands to soil quality and fertilization, and higher requirements to water supply.

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