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Lawenda is a red-skinned ware potato with yellow flesh and excellent taste of the cooking type B.


Variety characteristic:

Lawenda is a plant of medium height displaying strong foliage. Lawenda is a variety giving a lot of middle-sized tubers middle and high in the ridge. With a narrow inter-row spacing, a deeper planting is recommended. Its round oval, well-shaped tubers attract with their very shallow eyes, and smooth skin. Remarkable is their good taste. The flesh of the cooking type B reveals no discolouration after cooking and retains its intensive yellow colour. Lawenda has very good suitability for long-term storage and is characterized by a long dormancy despite of early maturity of 95 days.

Plant and tuber:

Flesh colour: yellow
Skin colour: red
Tuber shape: round oval
Eye depth: 7,2 – very shallow
Foliage development: uniform emergence
Storage ability: 7,5 – very good
Yield: 53,2 t/ha (according to COBORU) – very high
Dormancy period: long
Length of the vegetation period: 95 days


Consumption quality:

Cooking type: B – slightly mealy (starch content 13,3%)
Taste: 7,0 – very good
Especially recommended for:steamed and boiled potatoes, oven-roasted potatoes, potato pancakes, potato dumplings, soup, potato purée. Ideal for washed pre-packing.



PCN: Ro1 – resistant
Synchytrium endobioticum: D1 – resistant
Common scab: 6,0 – medium/high
Mechanical damage: 6,0 – medium/high
Foliage blight: 3,0 – medium
Tuber blight: 3,0 – medium
Potato virus Y (PVY): 8,0 – very high
Metribuzin sensitivity: moderately sensitive


Site requirements:

Lawenda has middle demands to soil quality and tolerates well drought periods. It responds well to a balanced nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilization.

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