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Trouble with potato common scab? Choose Hetman!


Variety characteristic:

Hetman is a medium height plant with a compact canopy. Hetman provides about 12 tubers middle in the ridge. The big-sized, uniform tubers with low share of undersizes characterize this variety. If the cultivation takes place on the better soils, planting distances must be optimized. It is recommended to increase the plant density in order to obtain tubers of smaller size. Hetman is a stable yielding variety even in years with different precipitation distribution. The outstanding attribute of the Hetman variety is no flesh discoloration after cooking. It has a good appearance with uniform size distribution which is ideal for pre packing. The undoubted advantage of this variety is that it is not affected by common scab. Considering this fact, it can be successfully cultivated on soils where actinomycetes Streptomyces scabies causing potato scab live. It maintains its high food quality until late spring.

Plant and tuber:

Flesh colour: light yellow
Skin colour: yellow
Tuber shape: round oval
Eye depth: 6,9 – shallow/middle
Foliage development: uniform emergence
Storage ability: 7,5 – very good
Yield: 57 t/ha (according to COBORU) – very high
Dormancy period: long, it remains dormant until early spring
Length of the vegetation period: 99 days


Consumption quality:

Cooking type: AB – salad to fairly firm (starch content 11,2%)
Taste: 6,9 – good
Especially recommended for: salad, soup, steamed and boiled potatoes



PCN: Ro1 – resistant
Synchytrium endobioticum: D1 – resistant
Common scab: 7,0 – high
Mechanical damage: medium/high
Foliage blight: 3,5 – medium
Tuber blight: 3,0 – medium
Potato virus Y (PVY): 8,0 – high
Metribuzin sensitivity: low sensitive


Site requirements:

Hetman has middle demands to soil quality, fertilization and water supply. It performs stable yield both in wet and dry years. Good tolerance to temporary drought. Tolerant to periodic excess of water.

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