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Consumers appreciate its taste, producers value its reliability and easy to grow. Excellent for organic farming.


Variety characteristic:

Denar is a very early, versatile ware variety that is suitable for pre-sprouting and for cultivation under a plast/fibertex for a very early harvest. After reaching a full physiological maturity, Denar is also suitable for maincrop. Denar is especially suitable for organic growing. Denar is a stem type plant with upright growth habit. Abundant inflorescence characterize this variety. Denar forms a large, often very large number of tubers. Due to the very high yield potential and the compact, high-lying tuber nest, it is recommended to plant deeper to prevent the tubers from turning green. It retains its high food quality during storage. It forms a thick and strong light sprout during sprout stimulation process.


Plant and tuber:

Flesh colour: light yellow
Skin colour: yellow
Tuber shape: round oval
Eye depth: 6,9 – shallow
Foliage development: rapid, uniform emergence, intense youth growth
Storage ability: 7,5 – very good
Yield: 57,2 t/ha (according to COBORU) – very high
Dormancy period: medium
Length of the vegetation period: 85 days


Consumption quality:

Cooking type: AB  – slightly firm (starch content 11,7%)
Taste: 7,3  – very good
Especially recommended for: salads, suitable for steamed and boiled potatoes



PCN: Ro1, Ro2, Ro3, Ro4 – resistant
Synchytrium endobioticum: D1 – resistant
Common scab: 6,0 – medium/high
Mechanical damage: 7,0 – high
Foliage blight: 3,0 – medium
Tuber blight: 4,0 – medium
Potato virus Y (PVY): 7,0 – high
Metribuzin sensitivity: moderately sensitive


Site requirements:

Denar has low demands to soil quality, water supply and fertilization. It is especially suitable for lighter soil types. Due to the extremely strong root system, it is resistant to stress related to unfavorable climatic conditions during vegetation.

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