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Variety suitable for production under a plast/fibertex for a very early harvest.


Variety characteristic:

Considering the very rapid emergence, Miłek is suitable for pre-sprouting and cultivation under a garden foil for a very early harvest. Its sprouts are incredibly strong and posses an anthocyanin discoloration. Rather few inflorescences characterize this variety. Miłek grows relatively high in the ridge and the tuber number is medium. Miłek obtains particularly good yields after being covered by an agrotextile. It may receive then a very high marketable yield already after 40 days from emergence.

Plant and tuber:

Flesh colour: light yellow
Skin colour: yellow
Tuber shape: oval
Eye depth: 6,7shallow
Foliage development: rapid, uniform emergence
Storage ability: 9,0 – very good
Yield: 40 t/ha (according to COBORU) – medium

Dormancy period: short


Consumption quality:
Cooking type: BC – mealy (starch content 12,4%)
Taste: 6,6 – good
Especially recommended for: baked potatoes, potato casserole, mashed potatoes. Suitable for processing into frozen, peeled raw potatoes.



PCN: Ro1, Ro2, Ro4 – resistant
Common scab: 6,0 – medium/high
Mechanical damage: medium/high
Foliage blight: 3,0 – medium
Tuber blight: 4,0 – medium
Potato virus Y (PVY): 7,0 – high
Metribuzin sensitivity: moderately sensitive


Site requirements:

Miłek has middle to high demands to soil quality and fertilization, and average requirements  to water supply. Miłek should be preferably grown on medium to good soils in good agricultural conditions. It is not suitable for heavy soils.

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